Flight Club is regarded as a Mecca for sneaker collectors and urban fashionistas around the world.  Our charge was to double the flagship store in an existing loft building in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

Our goal was to create a clean space within the existing shell of the loft building. We wanted to weave together architectural references to urban recreational spaces (like basketball courts, handball courts, and playgrounds) with contemporary art focused on the same reflections of urban recreation.

We used materials as efficiently and simply as possible. Sneakers, t-shirts and hats are inherently colorful and tactile. We used these as the foreground in the space, with the existing infrastructure as the backdrop. Merchandise and art are treated almost as architectural materials. The wall of sneakers comes right out to the street creating a perspective of color from the front to the back. A Showcase made of glass and steel normally used to support mechanical and plumbing systems is a building (made of sneakers) within the building.

In order to explicitly connect the interior to the street, two glass pivot doors define the exterior enclosure, which is recessed back from the street, to create an open frame between interior and exterior spaces. The full width doors open the store to the sidewalk.

The simple and streamlined design suggests luxury based on authenticity and sincerity.  Materials and waste were also minimized.  In this way, this design is highly responsive to environmental concerns.

As this is a consignment store, there is an aspect of community. Many of the buyers are also the sellers through the consignment process.  The simple and elegant space encloses a fluid community with changing roles. The inclusion of art is a further expression of the community and the link with a lifestyle beyond a purely transactional purchase.

Flight Club NY is frequently visited by Complex Magazine and their celebrity guests as part of the interview series Sneaker Shopping.