A private home for a married couple.  The house is sited on the main public park in Carrswold which we wanted to flow through the house while also maintaining a clear separation between the public and private space.  Interior/ exterior boundaries break down as you move through the house into the more private areas. 

The openness is achieved by breaking the house into distinct volumes perpendicular to the front façade.  These volumes are tied together at the front of the house by a second story. The front façade and second story are parallel to the street front/front yard, ground floor volumes are perpendicular to this.  These two axis organize all of the spaces. 

Parallel to the street, the organization moves from public to private from the front to the back.  Perpendicular to the street, the volumes are public on the south side (which faces the public road as it curves around the park) and more private as they go north (backing onto another home). 

An internal circulation spine and pool void run parallel to the front façade/street.  They skewer the ground floor volumes and reinforces the back edge of the second floor volume. This void creates a boundary between the public and private spaces internally.

The display of art is a major part of the program. The dire to have very open views of the park competes with the need to have large areas of wall for the major art collection that has to be displayed.  The gaps between blocks allow a very open outwardly focused interior while simultaneously allowing the interior of the individual blocks to be more contained spaces enclosed by walls.  Art anchors the end views of the major circulation spines in each part of the house.  Open views out occur perpendicular to the spines.

Because they plan to live in this house for the rest of their lives they wanted to incorporate an elevator and exercise facilities. The lap pool is for the couple to use for exercise.  By allowing the enclosed pool to open out onto the back yard and including a smaller attached outdoor pool the children and grandchildren can use the pools for fun during warm weather.  The second floor is dedicated to the children and grandchildren providing three bedrooms and a lounge/bedroom.