For the PS1/MOMA ‘2003 Warm Up’, we imagine ‘light’ structures that are easily transported and adapted to the site. We think this is appropriate to the spirit of this temporal summer event and also for this moment in history.  As architects we can offer something that is liberated from a specific territory and location, which can move to different locations throughout the world.

We propose two interventions. The SKY PAD floats above the main courtyard and provides different atmospheric zones on the ground without physically occupying or defining the ground. This serves dancing and associated activities around dancing event. The POOL PAD occupies the adjacent, rectangular courtyard essentially turning it into a large shallow pool with different tactile and material experiences. This serves for lounging and relaxation.

SKY PAD is an 83-foot (25m) diameter and 6.5-foot (2m) deep disk designed to create different atmospheric conditions including shade, color, water and air. This light self-spanning roof suspended at 3 supporting points. It has 17 holes varying from 3.25 feet (1M) to 20 feet (6m) in diameter. These holes give structural stability, lighten the overall weight, allow light and views of sky and provide interesting spatial conditions. PARTY PAD is constructed from are various synthetic air sealed fabrics including clear, translucent, opaque, colored and reflective and is equipped with lighting, fans, shower and misting equipment to provide different climates. The roof changes appearance depending on the viewer’s position, light conditions and the time of day.  The varied surfaces generate rich lighting effects on the ground as well: varying shades of shadow and colored patches of light. Individuals can freely choose the amount of sun: total exposure, tinted light, light shade or heavy shadows.

In addition to performing within the PS1 Courtyard, the sky pad is also a banner that reaches past the PS1 property.  It is easily seen from the nearby elevated subway platform and is a bright and engaging teaser for the fun inside.

POOL PAD is a 74-foot (23m) by 56-foot (17.5 m) pool for lounging and relaxation. The 12 – 18 inch (0.3-0.5m) deep water is contained by a 3-foot (1m) diameter clear inflatable edge that also provides a continuous seating surface along the perimeter. POOL PAD has 4 islands made of different natural materials. Each island is a small, clear package of nature.  The first is a free-floating PVC raft filled with air (Air Pack).  The top membrane is clear and the bottom is mirrored to reflect the sky.  The other three are stationary islands made by filling clear PVC sacks with sand (Sand Pack), water (Water Pack), and hay (Hay Pack). Each package provides a specific visual and tactile experience of nature for rest and relaxation in this synthetic landscape.

 The bottom of the POOL PAD is made with a clear PVC membrane placed directly on the existing sandy ground.  This membrane is shaped to cover the three stationary islands, providing an extra layer of protection and maintaining a continuous surface over the ‘natural’ conditions.