When we moved our offices to a full floor loft in the Financial District, downtown Manhattan, our first priority was to preserve the open space and light.  Our work style is highly collaborative and open.  As architects, we felt it imperative that the physical space reflect this—the open organization supports the interaction and exchange we are looking for.

There is also a need to accommodate and organize reference materials, material samples, physical models, drawings, etc…we have not found the world to be paperless, even with the Internet Revolution.  We find these artifacts and records often act as inspiration or jumping off points and want to accommodate a richness of materials in the office.  To support this, we designed and built an extensive shelving system with SHIFT SHELF as the supporting module. 

The Shift Shelf is designed so that the supporting vertical elements eventually blend in with the book; by shifting the verticals and combining vertical wood elements and horizontal aluminum sheets the pieces read as separate systems.  Ultimately, the filled shelf will look like sheets of aluminum floating between layers of books.