This 4,000 sqft private residence is designed as a weekend retreat for a young professional couple and is located in the Town of Stanford, Dutchess County, NY.  The project is sited on a little over 200 acres of open farm land which is characterized by scenic views, woodlands, wetlands and natural beauty.

The massing of the home first developed as a double bar scheme with two perpendicular volumes.  The upper entirely glazed public volume provides an elevated entry point and the capacity to entertain with uninterrupted commanding vistas over the rolling terrain.  In contrast the lower volume houses private bedrooms and family living spaces with orchestrated framed views and sightlines.

The home utilizes numerous green building techniques, from planted roofs and photovoltaic panels to a geothermal based HVAC system which incorporates radiant floor heating and cooling throughout.  Additionally the design of the second floor roof creates a deep southern overhang to provide for cooling shade in the summer and solar heat and light in the winter months.  All the materials and finishes are consistent with the coloration of the local landscape and the exterior material selections of rough field stone, naturally aging cor-ten steel and planted roofs are carefully selected to help ground the house within the pastoral landscape.