Enliven Your Senses: Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at LAX
Diana Reichenbach
June 2015

"Enliven Your Senses" is a digital art installation which sits at the heart of Virgin Atlantic Airways first class lounge at Los Angeles Internation Airport, designed by Slade Architecture. The artwork integrates into the architecture and shifts the space through changes in color, movement, and texture. The artwork runs on a 30-minute loop, encapsulating the beauty of Los Angeles' surf, landscape, and cityscape - moving from morning thru evening.


Valrhona Chocolate School
Valrhona France
December 2014

Founded by Frédéric Bau in 1989, the École Valrhona has become a leading institution for professionals worldwide seeking further improvement, dialogue, and knowledge sharing. Following Tokyo in 2007 and Paris in 2009, the 4th École du Grand Chocolat opened its doors in New York, designed by Slade Architecture.


Modern Family #2
October 2012

Dwell Magazine visits Hayes Slade and James Slade's Lower East Side apartment.


Blueprint Magazine
September 2012

A short film by Slade Architecture commissioned by BluePrint Cinema as part of the 2012 London Design Festival.


Interview with Richard Branson
Mark Murphy, Travel Pulse

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, is interviewed at the new Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at JFK Airport, designed by Slade Architecture.


Tour of Virgin Atlantic Lounge
Mark Murphy, Travel Pulse

A tour of the new Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at JFK Airport, designed by Slade Architecture.


Lecture: "CONcept, CONtext, CONstruct"
Syracuse School of Architecture

James Slade and Hayes Slade give a lecture at Syracuse University School of Architecture in conjunction with their exhibition "For_Play."


Lecture: Emerging Voices
Architectural League of New York
March 2010

Hayes and James give a lecture at the New Museum in New York City after being selected by Architecture League of New York's Emerging Voices Program.


Staten Island Zoo Carousel Animation
Slade Architecture

Rendered animation of our Staten Island Zoo Carousel.


Barbie Shanghai Documentary
Wishbone Films

A documentary of the making of the first Barbie flagship store in Shanghai, China designed by Slade Architecture.