Waxter Studio

New York, NY





The goal in this apartment for an art dealer was to create a simple, elegant space within a compact floor plan.  To realize all the spatial needs (bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc) within the 400 square foot plan, we established flexible zones to  accommodate different functions.  We were interested in allowing the space to read as one larger volume instead of a collection of smaller parts in order to support an open feeling by maintaining the floor as free as possible and using a simple palette throughout.  The kitchen is structured as a simple bar, recessed into the wall.  Likewise the bed folds up into a wall/closet. 

To establish a unified volume, the walls, floors and kitchen surfaces are all a pale grey color.  Grey is a light, non-color soft enough to recede so that the art and furniture to advance.  Kitchen counters and cabinets are finished in a pale grey Corian to provide a seamless finish. Fitting sufficient storage space into the kitchen required a careful assembly of parts in an almost puzzle-like assembly very personal to the client. 

To accentuate the small window in the kitchen, we cut away the cabinets there and finished those cabinets with glass doors, allowing that surface to act as a subtle mirror reflecting light into the room.  Mirrors were used strategically in other areas as well to increase the perception of openness. 

Every item was evaluated closely for the spatial tradeoff of including or excluding it.  Even the idea of doors and sealing off areas was re-interpreted and full height openings and curtains were used when possible.  Curtains allow one to separate or cover an area while still hinting to the occupant at the space beyond—more than doors which more permanently mark one area as separate from another.